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When something isn't even done half a$$ed. The laziest effort. Usually followed by defense of their actions with a lame excuse or blame.
The student didn't bother to show up for class or do homework. When the test came, they just wrote "Too hard" on it and handed it in. Then they complained to the Dean about the teacher after they quarter cupped the whole semester.
by Q-Cup November 30, 2013
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An open cup bra designed to permit maximum exposure of the breast whilst providing sufficient padding and support the lower and under breast area to give all day comfort. Ideal for presenting a braless look to the smaller breast under blouses and tops etc.
Tina knew her quarter-cup bra made her bee-sting boobies look great.

Hey man is she or isn't she?

Dunno Sure look good with those pokies on show!

Thought so...she is wearing a quarter-cup bra!

Ellen knew even tiny titties like to be shown off her quarter-cupo bra did that just fine
by Townsman December 30, 2014
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