(n)- a now old style of shoplifting technique where there are two groups of people used in a shoplifting scheme. The first goes into a store and rips off sensor tags on merchandise (usually clothing or small stuff) and puts it back on the display pile. They leave a quarter or a penny or something to notify that the stuff is clean to grab. The second group comes in maybe a half hour/hour later and looks for the quarters (or pennies sometimes) on the floor or on the display racks and swipes the de-tagged items.
tommy: yo yo yo, went 2 the mall near UCLA to check up on some chicas last night. ya never showed for the quarter trick yo!

sean: I ain't no tool and dat some old shit man. Theys known bout quarters since like 5 years ago. universally stupid man!
by wookiecookies24 June 17, 2011