or qualy: A Cantonese Chinese English Slang meaning: "quality" as referring to evaluating a person's qualification, ranking, skills or ability.
Job seeker: "I think this job is for me!"
employer: "I don't think you got any quali for this!"
by Jack Zhang July 6, 2008
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Some guy who posts on FlashFlashRevolution.com

(aka me)
qualy is such a postwhore he should be b&
by qualy October 21, 2004
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Nero's famous last words. "What an artist the world is losing in me." Can be said by pompous assholes who are too full of themselves as they die, I suppose.
Justin Bieber: *gets stabbed and is dying* No! Qualis artifex pereo!
by Dreaming Skies November 19, 2015
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Latin, means "I am not what I once was" signifying the speaker has changed in some way.
I have grown as a person, non sum qualis eram
by AmericanViking September 28, 2013
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