Q and A Mark otherwise known as a Question Mark "?"

Q "meaning Question"
And: I don't know how to explain it... heres this thought

A meaning" Answer"
Mark "should be obvious"

can be used it many ways, but one way is when someone is saying something dumb, just say Q and A Mark and they will awkwardly stare at you wornding what the fuk you just said to them.
P1: Have you heard the hitler was a good guy, and did the right thing?
You: Da fuK???
P1: YA, he helped the world?
You: Q and A Mark
P1: Wat? what does that mean
You: Something
P1: Ummmmm... okay then
You: ...
"you have successful made them stop talking at the cost of awkward silence
by CumSlayer February 18, 2022
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