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0 The brain process that occurs during existential crises.

1 The only thing that keeps you warm when you can't conjure a purpose facade.
2 The subconscious clash of awareness when you can see both simultaneously.
3 The confusion if paradoxes compound like crop circles upside-down from a flame burnt stalactite smoldering in your crown.
4 The wish to have an out streched soul that touches everything at once.
5 The swelling sublime that clear cuts all rational thought.
6 A word with as much meaning as any other.
7 Rebounding seizures that like whirlpools grasp at thoughts past the other side.
The short hand is Pyroken
Man last night everything that has been going on, hell, everything that does go on in this world had completely overwhelmed me; pyrokeneticelectrokenesis set in deep, I could feel it, and I fell asleep unsure of what I would wake up to, if to anything at all.
by anthubc2010-__word__ October 05, 2010
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