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The same as Pwnd and Pwnt. Origins stem from owned, ownage, ownt. The character 'o' is next to the character 'p' on the keyboard. It was formed when some anonymous original party accidentally hit the 'p' for the word "OWNED".

It has the exact same meaning as the verb to own. The two words and their derivatives can be used interchangeably.

1. When a player is severely beaten by another player or party of players, in a game.
2. An expletive about a situation where something painful, embarrassing, or bad happens to someone in real life.

The main dispute with this word is its pronunciation. It is originally believed that the 'p' is an accident and therefore not pronounced. However, several pronunciations have become accepted: p'ownst, pwynst, pinnst, ownst, etc.
Trevor got pwnst last match.
Dave pwnst the red team.
by Teeshep October 11, 2007
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