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1: v. a celebration, often sporadic in nature, in which an individual has overcome an obstacle that causes a great sense of pride. woot, Woo-ha!, yeah(see definition 2), any variation of fuck (especially fuck yeah), and similar meaning phrases may be included, as well as wailing upon various objects and/or people without definite purpose.

2: n. an unseen ejaculation due to an overwhelming excitement.
1: male gamer: "OH, FUCK YES, WOO, WOO, WOO!" (male gamer assaults monitor, keyboard, and mouse with flailing hands) (pwngasm as an action)

2: male gamer leaps out of seat as it performs odd, aggressive motions with its body, as if ejaculating (pwngasm as an idea)
by Raven of the Red Sky September 04, 2006
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