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Man who likes young girls, he's some kind of pedo and usually have very weird sexual fantasies about screwdriwers or other commonly used household items. Also a putkonen will constantly be getting off to poop, scat, or even his own cat.

It's not normal pedo because of his weird fantasies, can be also used as defining someone who likes to use fire/hot items as his sexual items.

Easy tips to identify this person are his arab voice and he will constantly be looking at your crotch, doesnt' matter if you are male or female. It is mostly found with a weiner of some sort in its mouth, or he is railing his own cat.
"look, that dude is definedly biwie, he follows that young girl with screwdriver in his pocket, but he is an even worse putkonen because he is cupping his own scat"

"I delivered a sandwhich to this guy's house and i come in and he was having sex with his cat while sniffing it's shit. He was definately a putkonen."
by Mastergroat January 12, 2010
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