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if someone needs to put some crocs on they need to stop whatever the heckin' heck they are doing and calm tf down
Person 1: *screams* "UGH I HATE YOU MAN, IM OUT OF HERE"
Person 2: "whoa slow your roll my dudette you need to chill tf out and put some crocs on"

Person 1: *thinks for a moment and looks up* "yeah....your right my dude...i need to put some crocs on"
Person 2: *sighs and puts hand on shoulder* "i knew you would get it someday, now go out there and tell the world what you've learned "

Person 1: *tears in his eyes* "how could i ever repay you?"
Person 2: *ride into the sunset on a razor scooter * "put some crocs on!!" *does a tailwhip, there's a freeze-frame and the credits roll*
by urfavoriteuglyrat March 21, 2017
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