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the act of following, "hoping on", or "dickriding" one of the female gender, or one with a "pussy". used to describe insecure females, incredibly insecure males, or un-athletic gamers.
Popular Female: "Wanna go that party tonight? Its gonna be turnt af. Finna have an 8th girl!"

Highkey Nice Lowkey Insecure Semi-Popular Male Pussyrider: "Ummmm ok! Finna gonna have a 9th, I mean an 8th, its gonna be turnt fa!!!!"

Popular Female: turnt af**

White Boy: What a joke, pussyriding that slore from the hills.
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny October 17, 2010
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It means when a female sucks up to another female for what ever reasons or when a male is sucking up to a female.
Jane: OMG Kate your outfit is so cute I love the designs and everything it goes well with your eyes and hair
Kate: Jane.........stfu stop pussy-riding jeez
Jane: How am I pussy riding????
Kate: ur sucking up to me because you know I get my true best friend awesome gifts like Puma shoes or Fenty Beauty or even concert tickets
Jane:..........oh okay
Kate: oh okay my ass gtfo out my face pussy-riding ass
by shady_bissshhh16 October 05, 2017
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