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A man whole willingly sumits to the finacial desires of a shallow gold digging whore
In continued discussion of a very eye opening topic “why dating is like prostitution” the idea of dating in other countries and cultures arose. Specifically, the country of Singapore where a poor and dear friend of ours was used beyond comprehension by a typical Singapore woman. We constantly advised against buying her the Luis Vuitton bags and Gucci sunglasses especially when he went over two months of no sex and flew out of the US for two weeks to visit her. She ran up his credit cards to over $20k in total; and still no sex. When asked why he was purchasing such goods for his female companion; he tried to justify his actions with reasoning that he loved her and it made him happy that she was happy. I would have to refer to his actions to be those of a pussiesk individual.
by Andy and Justin June 01, 2005
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