A prestigious university in West Lafayette, IN. While not as fun as IU, it has a better reputation once you leave the state of Indiana. Top programs include Engineering, Management (better than Kelly at IU), Technology, and Science. Ranked as a top 20 public institution. People in the west coast have no idea what state this school is in but they know how strong it is academically. Other than that, we have average parties, average girls, below average sports, but a very high average starting starting salary (which is all that matters).
I go to Purdue University. Although you may have a more fun college experience, I'm gonna be richer than you. So fuck you for your four years, I'll take the next forty.
by mab23 June 28, 2014
An overrated academic institution in Indiana named after a major chicken processing company. The college has received distinction for having an above average engineering program, however, engineering seems to be as far as Purdue's academic quality goes. Other majors such as business, social sciences, or the arts are far outclassed by it's cross state counterpart Indiana University (IU) and to some extent Notre Dame. The rampant mediocracy transcends merely academics, but also encompasses the athletic programs (where they rarely make it to bowl games and perpetually lose in the NCAA tournament) as well as the lackadaisical party scene, again heavily outclassed by IU. Purdue's mascot is a boilermaker as that is the occupation most students will have to settle for after graduation.
"At least Purdue University has a pretty cool fountain."
by Barron Hawking June 10, 2018