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Pur3 Sponge is the leader of The Hatred, a Runescape pure clan. Pur3 Sponge is a guy that claims to be a girl over the internet. He also looks like a wide mouth, penis sucking llama. He is the worst leader out of all Runescape clans and tends to be hypocritical and retarded. Pur3 Sponge tries to hide under the name Crystal just so it will make him feel more like a girl, but the fact remains, he is still a penis loving blowfish.
I owned Pur3 Sponge's clan in a good game of Runescape the other day seeing as his clan just plain out sucks. I also realized Pur3 Sponge, also known as Crystal, looks like my dog. So if you bang Crystal, your banging something that looks like my ugly dog.
by Pur3 Sponge January 03, 2008
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