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fucking sellouts

How can you whore yourself to the Democratic party like Hollywood?
god damn sellouts....
by u make me sick August 13, 2004
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modern punk sucks cock anyways
it's all a bunch of fuckin pussy EMO

The EMO-crats have ruined punk rock!
"punk ain't what it used to be Beavis"

"no it sure isn't Butthead"
by bite my shiney metal ass August 25, 2004
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YOU goddamn whiney fuckin HIPPIES!!!

Why don't you all just hold hands and sing kumbayah and then go have a good buttfuck on the lawn and afterwords shoot up heroin and then slump down into a ditch somewhere and die!!!!!!!

You fuckers piss me off so much!

I like some of your music (quite a bit of it actually) but shit SHUT THE FUCK UP about POLITICS!!!!!

I am so sick of this radical left tactic of trotting out celebs and us normal poor regular folks are all supposed to be so fucking impressed and supposed to worship these fucking celebs and take their fucking word as gospel.
"Oh Leonardo DiCaprio is for Kerry...Oh he gives me such a boner...OH and BON JOVI tooo he's so cute that i'm gonna blow my fuckin wad all over-uhhh"

Yeah I might as well vote fuckin Kerry because every rich celeb on earth tells me too and celebs are all to be worshipped.
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