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A complete punk poser.

Punk is dead, guys.

A punkdick will walk around saying, "oh, guess what, I'm punk," and spiking up his asshole mohawk and dying his hair with Splat! shit that washes out right away so every week he can make a Facebook status about dying his hair.
He likes to go to concerts, cover his clothing with "patches" from said concerts, and make Facebook statuses about it.
(Patches are actually cut from teeshirts and sewn on himself.)

For some reason, he is adored by girls, especially stoners and hoes.

Female version: Punkunt, a punkdick's girlfriend
Sarah: Omg, that guy's hot!
Hannah: He's a total punkdick.
Two weeks later.
Sarah: He's a punkdick. And his girlfriend's a punkunt.
Hannah: ...idiot.

Punkdick: omggz i ate donuts 6 is that to meny wel huu cares cuz ima stick and mah bezt frend iz fatt hurrrr welll i be go to the Larrrrj Penizzz concrt 2nait theyy bee myy faeivrit band i be goin with mah gerlfrend luv yuu
Punkunt; omggz this be fun
Intelligent Individual: Both of you, get the fuck off the internet.
by hai_bai November 11, 2010
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