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Although punk music fans (not the dirtbags who refer to themselves as punks - actual non human-beings) have been saying that punk is dead since 1978, it actually wasn't proven to be true until 1991 or so - the year "punk" broke in America

Since the early 1990s, punk bands are played on the big rock and top 40 stations in even the most rural areas of the United States. Green Day, for instance, sells as many records as 50 Cent and records on about the same six-million dollar budget in the same lavish studios.

Punk rock is recording a demo on a tape recorder in a trailer and selling copies of the tapes out of the back of your 1973 Ford Galaxy.

Now a fashion trend dominated by white prep school kids and emos.
How can anyone today disagree with the fact that punk is dead and has been for almost 20 years now?
by Assex 776 October 06, 2007
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A dumb term that people use to make it seem like they know everything about punk rock. Punk can't die because it never was a living thing. In reality, bands like MDC, Subhumans, Jerry's Kids, D.R.I. and the F.U.'s are still out and playing. Punk was always a marketing scam to begin with. The Sex Pistols were called punk by Malcolm Mclaren to cause controversy and in turn get them money. However, punk developed an edge to it and became an underground phenomenon. When bands like Green Day, the Offspring, Rancid and such broke into the mainstream, it was just the same thing as the Pistols and the Clash.
So shut the fuck up and go home. There's still scum, there's still nerds, there's still outcasts, and there's still real 'punk's (for lack of a better term).

Punk can't really die (but you can).
Person: Shut the fuck up.
Person: *stabs*
by Mr. Bass April 05, 2011
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comical expression joking about how a punk hasn't died yet from his impulsive way of life
"punks not dead"
by firefriendly November 23, 2015
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