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A punditiot is a typical pundit, or talking head commentator, on any given cable news channel. They lack IQs, yet believe that their opinions are gold.

The term itself is a cross between pundit and idiot.

Punditiots often have nothing of value to say, yet are labeled as "experts", get lots of air time and even decent salaries if they are hired on as regular contributors.

Punditiots can influence elections and frequently create memes, often false ones, that become political talking points... and even news. Yes, punditiots create their own news.

Dumbing down the electorate is their specialty.
Sarah Palin is now a Fox punditiot. She spouts her p.o.v., gets paid a lot of money, and is spotlighted regularly.

Yet, what she says is inaccurate and nothing more than world salad.

Same can be said for Pat Buchanan, Harold Ford, Ron Christie, Karl Rove, James Carville, William Kristol, John Fund, et al.
by GottaLaff November 21, 2010
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