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A male of East Indian descent this can also include males of Persian, Armenian, or from any middle Eastern descent that are trying to look like the Italian Ginos (that originated in the Greater Toronto Area GTA). Pun-ginos are often seen as wanna be Italians/Europeans, hence they wear a lot of tight clothing, spiked hair, drive shitty cars, and wear a lot of Kappa. They are also known for denying their origins and claim to have half European ancestry.

The word "Pun" comes from the word Punjabi. Pun Ginos are not liked by the Ginos, they are found ridiculous and are not accepted within the "true" Gino community.
girl: "Is that a Gino?"

guy: "Naah, he's Indian, so he's a Pun-gino
by batchick84 June 12, 2009
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