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1. The top player on MovieStarPlanet, whose fans go by the name of "Porters". They claim to be against bullying, but there are several cases in which they have bullied moviestars into deleting their own user through comments, walls, etc. When Porters attack, or as they call it, "call out" another player, they do it in large numbers, use cursing and all caps, and block them afterwards so they cannot defend themselves. The girl herself, pumpchkin, has a "Team" of close friends & family known as "Team Pump". All of Team Pump are on the first few pages of highscores, and manipulate others into thinking they are amazing people. For example, "CuteStuff." has her "Stuffers" (supporters), and claims to love them all very much and reward them for their efforts. However, before leaving the Porters, I gave CuteStuff. 1235 autographs, and SHE NEVER BOTHERED TO MESSAGE ME. Many "Team Pump" members have created additional accounts to bully others on to avoid getting their main accounts banned. Also, Team Pump has on several occasions bullied other users who were close to passing them on the highscores and their supporters (mybeau, Rdkitkat, Jerseyhotmess).

2. The act of bullying someone over the Internet in large numbers through walls, comments, or anywhere where everyone else can see it, then blocking them so they cannot defend themself.

**For those of you not on MSP/ MovieStarPlanet: "Fame" moves you up "Highscores", and you earn "Fame" from "Autographs" (aka autos) from other users.**
1: Dude, it looks like mybeau is finally going to pass that crazy pumpchkin chick!

2: Wow, you got pumpchkin'd so bad. Report that brat!

3: Wow, that girl is such a pumpchkin. She claims to be against bullying, but she made poor (insert name here) delete her user!
by ItsMoviemineFromMsp April 29, 2013
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