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A large fruit of the genus Citrus
(Citrus Grandis, to be exact).
Pumelos are sacred to the Cult of
the Deekoo, and used in several
of their unspeakable rites.

Pumelos are reminiscent of grapefruits
in flavour, but sweeter, larger, and
with thicker rinds. Some pumelos are
green, others yellow. Rumour has it
that other colours of pumelo exist.
The pumelo is the fruit of the Tree of
Knowledge in the Bible (see Jack Chick's
publication, "El verdadero camino",
available in English translation from shortly), and can be found
near the Mountain.
"In the dim, sputtering greenish glow,
she knelt and placed the pumelo upon
the altar."
by Deekoo L. August 28, 2003
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