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When the result of a heavy night of drinking includes passing out on the couch at your own place, pissing yourself, and breaking multiple electronic devices stored in your pocket at the time with the unconscious passing of urine. These actions usually occur in a cyclical nature, repeating until the warranty wears out on said electronic devices.
person 1: where the hell is marc?
person 2: i have no idea.. i blacked out last night
person 1: wtf? his phone's dead.. lets go find him..

15 mins later....

person 2: (walking down hallway towards marc's room)

did you also piss yourself last night?
person 1: no dude, definitely not me..

person 2: (enter's marc's room)

why is marc passed out on the couch?
perosn 1: that smell was definitely coming from in here..
person 2: his bed is soaked with piss
person 1: i guess that's why he's passed out on the couch..
person 2: he has also pissed his pants again on the couch.. thats probably why he wasn't answering his phone.. he was probably pulling a marc and breaking his cell phone again
person 1: why are you looking in his pants..
person 2: i let him borrow my ipod last night

(marc wakes up)

marc: dude, drew.. why did you unbotton my pants

drew: dude, call me person 2
by kizzle420 May 20, 2010
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