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A state of the art escape mechanism when one finds themselves in sticky situations.

To perform, you can do one of the following:

a) barrel rolling out of a window (make sure it's not more than one story)
b) run away at a good pace as if you were winning a race
c) run away at a jogger's pace
d) run away as if your life depended on it, as if an angry dog was chasing you or you were being pursued by law enforcement.

* the fourth recommendation is strongly suggested *
Girl 1: um, do you just want to take a nap, or should we do something else?
Boy 1: i know what we can DO, but lemme take a shower first...
Girl 1: ok, go do that
(Boy 1 leaves, making a perfect get away)
(Girl 1 grabs all her stuff, runs out the door, and is never seen again)
(Boy 1 comes out of the shower) Boy 1: aw, man! That's what you call pulling a madeleine!
by Queen Mildred November 22, 2009
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