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Posing a surprising, alarming and chaos inducing threat and then taking it back, hence making a fool of oneself. Also known as "pulling a GAP"

Named after the Greek Prime Minister (2009 to 2011) George A. Papandreou (or GAP) and his attempt to call a national referendum on the agreement achieved between his country and the EU on 27th November 2011, regarding the greek national debt.

The attempt resulted in widespread political chaos threatening the eurozone and the EU itself with collapse, before Papandreou backed down claiming that, really guys, he just wanted to scare the opposition a little bit.

The move prompted his ridicule and his resignation, a short week later.
"So he ended up pulling a Papandreou because the moment he asked to see my recent calls to prove I had called up my ex, I brought up those bestiality photos I've been holding on to since we got married."
by nekatomenos November 13, 2011
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