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Responding to an email sent to a group of three or more people after a significant delay in time and especially after several others have already responded with the same or similar idea. The sending of the delayed email is usu. somewhat annoying.
Email from Larry at 2pm: anyone know who quarterbacks for Seattle?
Email from Marc at 2:05pm: Hasselback.
Email from Steve at 2:06pm: Yeah, Hasselback.
Email from Andrea at 2:07pm: Hasselback got hurt last week, did you know that?
Email from Larry at 2:08pm: Yeah, I heard, but didn't know his name.
Email from Dave at 6:35pm: Hasselback, I think.
Email from Marc at 6:55pm: Dave just pulled a maule. Annoying.
by EmailHell October 26, 2006
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