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This is a complicated move that involves many steps.

1. Go to a strip club.
2. Befriend a stripper and request a private dance in the back room.
3. Pay upfront for a full half hour private dance.
4. During the dance, slowly inch your hands closer to the stripper's anus.
5. Then, without warning, pull an "Archie" and plunge your index finger into the stripper's chocolate starfish.
6. Receive a verbal warning from the stipper. "No Touching!"
7. Repeat step 5.
8. Politely allow the club's bouncer to escort you out of the strip club.
9. Before exiting, ask a manager for a portion of your money back since you did not receive a full half hour alone with your stripper.

When describing this move to a friend, you can save time by simply making a fist with your hand and quickly extending your index finger 2-3 times. This move is also known as not paying for the "finger tour."

Guy 1: Did you hear what happened to Eric last night?
Guy 2: No, what happened this time?
Guy 1: (extending index finger over and over) He tried to pull an archie at Private Dancer and got us all kicked out!
by Edsantry February 09, 2007
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