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A maneuver used by an individual in order to bail on their friends. "bravaso! I'll be there" confirms the plans with friends, only to later be ignored. In order to hang out with his girlfriend, someone "pulls a tito" by giving some lame excuse to friends. Such individual often spends enormous amounts of time with his girlfriend already, and seldom sees his friends. The girlfriend is often overbearing and annoying.
"Is la rata coming tonight? he said he would, but he's probably gonna pull a tito again"
I think i'm getting a cold.
I have to work early.
She's been sick all week, I need to tend to her.
I fell asleep after we talked.
I can only hang out with you when she's busy.
Hey you wanna come play soccer? no, I'm not gonna go, but go by yourself anyway.
by willy_sabor May 24, 2009
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