Pull a Pig is a game where a group of guys go out and they win the game by pulling the ugliest looking woman.
"Eurgh! What the hell are YOU doing in my bed?!" "You were playing Pull a Pig with your mates last night, remember?"
by awbladerunner September 13, 2013
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Pull the pig is a ‘game’ or prank were people play and even to hook up with the least attractive person they get sometimes they even make the person fall for them and “pull them” to another state or country and leave them hanging.

The “winner” is the person who attracts the “ugliest” one or the one to successfully stood them up.

To be “pigged” means you have been a victim of a “pull a pig” prank.
Dude, do you want to pull the pig’s here tonight? Whoever pull the pig’s further wins the pot!
by Cherries 🍒 March 8, 2018
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