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The act of shooting one's self in the leg without damaging any arteries or bones.

it can be also used as a harmful action towards some one or something else if you shoot yourself in the leg and it goes through and hits the other person. similar to the scene in Live Free Die Hard when bruce willis shoots himself to kill that other asshole. this action would mostly be used if you are trying to get away with shooting some one.
person #1- what happened to you???
person #2- the cops were coming and i hid my gun in the waist of my sweatpants but the safety wasn't on so i shot my leg
person #1- man you would pull a Plaxico

person #1- hey did you hear about Cody?
person #2- no dude what happened
person #1- some guy was pissing him off so he Plaxico'd himself and the bullet went into the other guy's eye. he got away with it to!
person #2- brutal
by PlaxicoBURRESS December 14, 2008
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