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A person who can't hang during a night out of drinking typically evolves into this rare pokemon species. Its only skill is puking at unexplainable and unpredictable times. Despite its rarity, no Pokemon Master wants to catch it. Besides, it will probably stink up the pokeball. It's natural habitat is anywhere near vodka and whiskey--all at once.
"Hold her hair...she just evolved into a puke-a-chu!"
by Kimboses August 26, 2013
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A species of pokemon found in the Montreal region of Canada. These creatures can be identified by there yellow and black colouring, pointy ears, lightning bolt tails, and high blood alcohol content. Generally the loudest creatures at any bar as well as the sexiest. When Puke-a-chus gather in large groups clothing tends to go missing and alcoholic beverages are consumed in massive quantities at an alarming rate. Though the Puke-a-chus natural environment is bars, clubs, and house parties (basically anywhere where alcohol is served), one is likely to find them between the hours of 8am and 1pm preforming what is known as a "walk of fame". Besides drinking and fornicating, Puke-a-chus are know for vomiting in large groups. The act of regurgitation is a social event amongst this species of pokemon, and one will never find a Puke-a-chu vomiting in solitude.
"Did you guys see that group of Puke-a-chus throwing up in that alley?"
"Dude I went to the bar last night and brought home a Puke-a-chu."
"We thought we would win beer olympics until that group of Puke-a-chus came in."
by CC69er December 29, 2013
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