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The act of continuing, or engaging, sexual intercourse while the female is throwing up in a toilet or other appropriate vessel. The vomiting is usually alcohol induced, but other causes can be acceptable opportunities as well.
Laura can't hold her liquor very well, so we usually end up doing the puke 'n poke.
by margie'nbill February 26, 2011
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When you stop and stick your tongue in her butt hole and sniff it right after, then you're ready to hurl on her back and use the overflow for lube.
"Bro Jim smells like dick, pussy, and puke tonight wtf?"

"He musta hit his girl with the old puke n poke last night."
"Oh he's always running out of lube, dirty bastard."
"I HATE when he tongue punches her fart box just to puke for lube while he's deep in the poon!"
by get arrested March 07, 2018
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