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Something absolutely epic, unbelievable and/or awe-inspiring. Named for Albert Pujols's massive (estimated) 468-foot home run in Game 5 in the 2005 NLCS off Astros pitcher Brad Lidge when the Cardinals were down to their last out.

Can be used to describe any amazing achievement anywhere. Does not necessary have to be clutch, but can be.
"Michael J. Fox truly hit a Pujols moonshot with his wife."
"Did you see Jamie Foxx in Ray? That was a Pujols moonshot performance if ever I saw one"
"Eisenhower. D-Day. Pujols moonshot. End of discussion."
"The Knack didn't have the best career, but dammit, My Sharona was a Pujols moonshot for the ages.'
by Ten Forward June 04, 2017
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