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pufo is the abbreviation for Pack Up and Fuck Off. Meaning to get ready and go in a slang way.
Man 1: I'm done
Man 2: Good. Ready to pufo?
by Terrum January 26, 2010
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An abbreviation for a type of debate/the people who debate it, Public Forum. They often think that they are superior to policy debate as they have to wear suits, and act really professional.
"Public forum debate can be compared to a nationally-televised debate, such as Crossfire in which the debaters argue a topic of national importance, typically one involving foreign or domestic policy as opposed to Lincoln-Douglas' more philosophy centric debate, in terms that a "common" person would understand. Similar to policy debate, the debate in public forum debate is conducted by teams of two people alternating speeches for their side, either affirming or negating their topic. In contrast to policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate, there is little focus on extreme speed or arcane debate jargon or argumentation theory; instead, successful public forum debaters must make persuasive and logical arguments in a manner that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Because of its strong relevance to the real-world and ability to develop life skills, public forum debate has exploded in popularity since its introduction into high school debate by the National Forensic League. Some might think of public forum debate as a less formal form of NEDA Debate."
~~from wikipedia
Frankie "God, look at those debaters, they think they are above us because they wear suits"
Johnny "Duh, they are pufos, not only do they think they are above us, they have convinced themselves that they are above us"
Frankie "but policy debate is where it is at, no suits, and way better arguments"
Johnny "fuck ya, we can even swear in our speeches"
by defying0gravity December 05, 2010
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