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puey, (meaning - 1) a bunch of friends that are like sisters , sisters who no matter what have each others backs. a group of girls who stand out in a crowd and everyone knows there names. but not a gang or crew just a sisterhood.who also call each other puey.
e.g.1 hi puey whats up?
(meaning - 2) used in reference to the smell of weed.
e.g.2 Snoop Dogg":Puuueeeeeeeeeeey!!!
(meaning - 3) a fine ass homie, not a fly, cool, nice, or cute. if using do describe a male it has to be the flyest one.
(the smell of chronice.g.3 ooh gurl, check out that puey homie!

the word puey orginates from the east coast of new zealand and has spread throughout the island. it started from the 'puey nation' the sisterhood of whom is referred to.
by edith223 September 02, 2007
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A Puey's a puey. Slang for puey in boston. also known as pueyeh
CT says to kenny and chamie, 'Joos a buncha pueys'
by Kdogg223342 October 06, 2008
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