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Public forum debate consists of two teams of two debaters each. It is a fight to the death in which debaters are readied with their sharp tongues and quick wits, ready to engage in a verbal gladiator match. While Policy debaters laugh at Public Forum, a truly godly Public Forum debater can still anal anyone. Most PF debaters are douchebags, and the top debaters who recieve TOC bids on a daily basis are cocky, self-righteous dicks.

While all this is happening, there is a judge presiding over the match and deciding who the winner is. Once the judge sees the who should win the debate, their nefarious minds twist evilly and they then turn the verdict around and screw over the team that should win. Their bias shines proudly as they watch the team that should have won walk away with glum faces and sore asses.
I watched as the Public Forum debate went down.

Two teams were at it hard, fast, long, and furious. They danced around with fancy terminology and gained pleasure from turning another team's blocks.

The judge felt bad for the team that lost so she basically ran a sympathy kritik and gave them the win instead.
by masterdebater4lyfe February 22, 2015
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