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pubewich: (noun) Not your typical sandwich, lemme tell ya. Your typical pubewich consists of the following ingrediants:
1)pubes (durrr)
2)man yogurt (see jizz if you're unfimiliar with this term)
3)a rhino doing a penguin up the ass (also known as blerghing)
5)various dead animals
6)a corpse (preferably a baby's)
7)a large black woman named Bertha or Arrethra
8)another older lady named Shirley who oozes sex appeal
9)sprinkle some shoulder lovin', hair eating goodness
10) bread (optional)

so you get all that together somehow, grab a couple buddies and enjoy with a midget or two
"Wa wa wee wa, that was some pubewich huh?"

"Pubewich anyone?"

"I'll have the pubewich with the man yogurt on the side."
by Jorgelita and Carlitos January 16, 2007
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