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1. the state or quality of being a psychopath/psycho

2. being straight up messed up in the head; pretty bad condition


1.the uncontrollable desire to attack people
2. overprotectiveness

3. sleep deprivations

4. randomly dancing

5. getting into random mud fights

6. forgetting how to spell words

7. unassertiveness

8. finger spasms where you type random stuff

9. not making sense to the average person, unless you enjoy the condition as well or your it's bestie, or both combined

10. random mood swings

11. eating a LOT but never being full

12. evil thoughts/ having an evil mastermind

13.having a huge imagination, usually filled with evilness 14.talks in circles

15.has a passionate hate/love for Justin Beiber

16.growls sometimes

17.dreams about his bestie

18. is randomly and uncontrollably sweet

19. talks to people a million miles away)

20. has the ability to make up weird words (like this one) 21.makes the most of his condition!

22. Actually loves Jesus and is obidient, but ONLY to Him, not even his bestie sometimes

Person one:Kyle definitely has psychopathiticity, that kid's crazyyy! He killed a person with a spoon!

Eli: i don't care, he isn't capable of ever hurting a girl, in fact he's too overprotective. so i'm safe, and i get him cuz he's my Bestie(:
by Ky&Eli March 18, 2011
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