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Holier-than-thou xian freakos (namely Catholics, Methodists and Baptists) who take their faith so seriously that any conflict with them becomes your death sentence. They will not debate with you over any issue; rather, they will act like a small child who holds their breath until their face turns red and you finally relent, causing them to believe they've won.
Such hot arguments include birth control, civil rights, abortion, sex before marriage, flag-burning, our jackass president, Harry Potter, porn, and in the cases of many innocent guys, dating their adult daughter if you aren't part of their "perfect" religion. Similar in ethics to nazis.
Ironic that such god-fearing citizens are usually the ones who use blasphemous language (ie, "Jesus Christ!") more than anyone else, and advocate killing Planned Parenthood employees and prisoners.
1. Man: "I won't have you trotting around my house and taking my daughter out because you don't love Jesus as much as I do!"
Boyfriend (to girl): "Damn, your father is such a psycho-christian!"
Man: "I heard that, goddammit! You're a heathen and a sinner because you look different than me! Die like that satanic JK Rowling!"

2. The psycho-christians went to a cemetery to piss on graves of gay men, blacks, Jews and a guy who taught evolution in school. Of course they didn't get punished because the pigs are afraid of being cursed to hell.
by Eddie Winslow August 01, 2007
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noun. Pejorative title for a right-wing, obsessively religious Christian. Usually such a person will be self descibed as "born-again" by thier Christian faith. Often, but not exclusively, associated with the Southern Baptist denomination. See Also Jesus Freak.
Jerry Falwell is the biggest psychochristian out there.
by matt sigl June 07, 2006
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