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a subcultural aspect in which the participants, overwhelmingly males, pretend to be gay with each other on a regular basis without the need of saying "no homo" as a means of laughless humor usually in the form of greetings, body language, and sometimes, found in casual discussion.

Very few of pseudohomo groups have any truly gay people in them. The common rule is that pseudohomos with a majority of pseudohomo culture are likely real homosexuals attempting to cover their sexuality with humor. Individuals such as this often lose their bonds with a much less pseudohomo group, and end up becoming a kind of annoyance. As well, numerous pseudohomo groups are in reality partly homophobic, and therefore reject these people.

But for true pseudohomos, it can take up anywhere from 5-30% of a particular group's sense of humor. This is most closely associated with certain breeds of nerds, for which this kind of joking behavior can often be unspokenly interpreted as a form of endearment, despite it's non-serious premise.

But the action does not always spread to the entire group. Many times there are one or two individuals whose personality does not allow the individual to say that, while others may say things to the individual. The individual laughs, but the pseudohomos may only smile.
Jason: Hey baby cakes, watchadoin?

Tanner: nothin much...Nice shirt you got there

Jason: Ya, you wanna feel it? It's real soft...

Tanner: Sure!....Ya that's a nice fabric...hey where's my bitches?

Cosmo: Oh they're at the store....probably doing it in the backroom....

Tanner: Those guys, we'd never do that...

Jason: What, do you think we're just pseudohomo, not actually homosexuals?

Tanner: No....I'm just saying we'd never do it in the backroom....At leas t Cosmo would prefer the cereal aisle where all the little kids can see us and get tramatized...

Cosmo: Fuckyear!
by gay for peaches December 09, 2009
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