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Anyone who tries to act "gothic," but isn't really gothic in nature.
Includes people who try to wear "gothic" clothing, get numerous piercings, or talk obsessively about darkness, death, and destruction, in order to either be cool, get attention, or be seen as dark and mysterious.
This does not apply to people who wear "gothic" clothing just because they like it, or people who really are goths. Psuedo goths are merely people who are posing as something they aren't.

The phrase also could be extended to those elements of popular culture that emulate the "goth" style or theme but are nonetheless mainstream in their making.

This could furthermore be extended to apply to some bands, but not nessecarily the ones listed in previous entries for this word.
1) Some pseudo goths were seen hanging around at the mall and terrorizing three-year-olds.
2)That shirt's pretty cool. The style's sorta pseudo goth, miked with raver.
3)That band is sorta pseudo goth.
by andriod5 December 27, 2005
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A pseudo-goth, (also known as a poser or poseur) is widely understood to be the most vile and detestable fascimile culture yet known to mankind. Pseudo-goths take the originality and artistry of goth culture and turn it into something to be feared. These are emos, who claim to be gothic and slit their wrists; preps, who put on the clothing because they are put under the impression that the clothes make them cool; and nerds, who are often thought of more as cyberpunk (which is legitimate). Hey! Can you blame us for trying to be intimidating? I got my ass kicked as a kid for being intelligent. Wanting others to ph33r you is natural. ;-)
1> Dude, that pseudo-goth is threatening to kill himself. Shouldn't we do something?

2> Ah, him again? No. This is the third time this week. I wish he /would/ throw himself out in front of a bus and save us from his whining.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
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bands which are either on the verge of going goth or are already presently dabbling in goth gayness

bands like,

The Cult
Rob Zombie
Mary Manson
How the fuck do people listen to this shit?

Cheer up pseudo goths!
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A term for the "fashionably goth".
one who wears black nailpolish regularly but doesn't sacrifice goats, or listen to trippy-industrial-underground-core music.

Incld., but not limited to:
* Individuals who shop at Torrid/Hot Topic
* Person with multiple piercings/tattoos
* Someone into/interested in "dark art" (faeries, goblins, sculptures, poetry, etc)
* listens to all kinds of music but favors some sort of Rock
*May have mostly black/dark coloured clothing.
* jewelry worn may contain chokers, cross, silver, many rings.
"She's not suicidal or satanic, she's just Pseudo Goth"
by caffienated music junkie October 24, 2009
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