PRZ preez was first used by oriental people as an attempt to pronounce the word "please". Since then, the term has adapted in many ways and has some alterations depending on the context, making it one of the most versatile new words of the English language. It can be a response, a description of an action in a positive AND negative way, or you can PRZ in general, however, one cannot actually be a PRZ. PRZ is not a noun, but in context, can be used as a combination of a noun and a verb(which contradicts the English language). One can only be PRZing during the correct situation, or in the past participle, one can be PRZed. A living being, passed being, or an object can be PRZ, PRZed, or PRZING singly, or surprisingly, all at the same time. Some have even surpassed mortal expectations by "PRZing hard as f**k".
Albert crashed a forklift into an oversized oven. His boss responded, "Albert PRZ".
Karl was doing a combination of Bernie lean and a Nazi march, Karl was PRZing to the extent of which man have never seen.

Bobby asked an Asian man if was done with the morning paper. The Asian man replied "Oh herro PRZ".

Dan was at work and he exceeded his goals on Monday by sweeping the floors like never before. Dan PRZed hard that day.
by A good bah January 14, 2016
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