An emotion you feel when you are nostalgic for a time you were never alive in.
It is a proper subclass of nostalgia.
Protonostalgia is like when a chick is nostalgic for the time of pirates! Or, when a dude misses being a 16th century courtesan. It also happens when folks spend a lot of time wishing they could be Shakespeare's pal!
"Do you miss being a pirate? I miss being a pirate!"
by Dinosaur Comics August 4, 2007
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A feeling one gets of being nostalgic for a period of time or place they had never been. Coined by Ryan Norths Dinosaur Comics.
"Aww, man, I have really big feeling of protonostalgia today. I wish I could have been a caveman. I wish I had a club and killed Sabre-tooth tigers. Wouldn't that be sweet?"
by pleiades September 4, 2007
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Longing for an inaccurate or naive image of an era you may or, far more commonly, may not have lived through.
He has protonostalgia really bad, wishing we could go back to the way it was before 1960, when there were "no problems"

Call me protonostalgic, But I WAS very popular in high school.
by BrainDT February 7, 2008
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