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A. A pervasive counterintuitive political theory causing a delusional mental state nationwide where the citizen’s mind experiences an auto-symptomatic reflex to expect and accept government paternalism and coercion to mitigate unanswerable societal grievances that never materialize while expanding government into financial bankruptcy.

B. A political mental state that disparages individualism by denying, diluting and disparaging all explanation of human failures' rooted in poor judgement, poor chioces and lack of individual accountability that if pervasive leads to societal social class disenfranchisement created by government coercion in the spirit of the collective.
C. A political bipolar disorder of counterintuitive socio-economic philosophies affecting large masses of people to dismiss, deny, and defuse the corrosive effects of activist government in its attempts at replacing the head of household's parental authority over the American nuclear family causing single parenthood and negative birthrates amongst the very economic class of citizens necessary to fund programs it advocates.

D. Any political paradigm that rewrites the hierarchy of government responsibilities to limit its power in order to disguise its motives to control and tax that only materializes in a cognitive dissonance of the individual ability to achieve upper mobility.
The progressivirus infected political left is so divested in the accountability of the individual to make good decisions, it drives public policy of social engineering the collective to the degree procures high tax lifestyle that drives down birth rates of the self-reliant class vital to fund the expanding government dependent welfare state n the future.
by MacontheRock Rampage June 11, 2018
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