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(n) a mental condition, the essence for what is usually called "homophobia" in men. Women can have an altered form in some instances.

A probophobe is a person afraid of having anything vaguely penis-shaped, or something with balls attached, inserted into their anus.
The main symptoms are not physical, but mental; displaying themselves in a fit of pouting, screaming, or sign-waving directed towards homosexuals.
Extreme cases involve mumblings about "the gay agenda."

There is no known cure, but stands as a curiosity in the psychological world because, upon any manifestation of symptoms at all, the possibility of any anal insertion events whatsoever decreases astronomically. Still, the victim often lashes out at innocent but perceived offenders due to the paranoia related to not having eyes on the back of one's head.
She often complained about how her boyfriend didn't go to the club with her due to his probophobia acting up in the presence of men that could dance better than he could.
by Yitzhak Yitzhak January 01, 2013
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