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Probably, pronounced as "pro ba blEE. Pronounced as proablEE the word means the matter has been settled. The word summarizes a discussion about a likely event and denotes acceptance of the near certainty of the matter by the speaker. Use of the word means the speaker has fully conceded the point, and wishes to end the conversation. It is usually a one-word sentence.

Although the accent is on he final syllable, it is pronounced with a fatalistic tone.
Dillon: Yikes! That traffic camera caught me going through a red light.

Travis: Yeah, I saw the light flash. You're going to get a ticket for sure.

Dillon: ProbablEE.

Sam: Levi, you're totally gonna be a dad. Bristol doesn't believe in abortion and she's preggers.

Levi: ProbablEE.
by Medford Man May 10, 2009
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