A newly recognized trend among girls and young women who view their anorexia or food restriction as a choice and/or a lifestyle, and not as a disease. Often abbreviated as "pro-ana".

Many websites and YouTube videos advocating the pro-anorexia lifestyle and encouraging solidarity amongst anorexics have been springing up recently, causing concern to health professionals and parents who fear that children might be easily influenced to "become anorexic" by them.

There is a similar pro-bulimia movement which is often lumped together with the anorexic community, called "pro-mia" or "pro-ana/mia". Some websites are directed at providing support and friendship for all eating disorder sufferers in general (including overeating), or people who engage in self-harming behaviours such as cutting.

Most of these websites claim to provide support only, and not encouragement to start or maintain an eating disorder.
Candace: "I'm pro-anorexia. I restrict my food intake. I have a strong desire to be thin, and I don't consider myself to be mentally ill. I know exactly what I'm doing. Therefore my anorexia is a way of life, not an illness."
by Hollis X April 18, 2008
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