A member of a group of teenagers or young adults that exhibits excessive willingness to fight or enter combat even under undesirable conditions, usually prevailing.
That guy ryan is a true prizefighter.
by Puffy January 15, 2004
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Emoticon which resembles a boxer with a broken nose, and a black eye, hence the name, The Prizefighter.

Matt: Damn, some kid beat me up today...
Alex: ;~(
by Cobalt April 23, 2005
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The end result of bareback sex with your lady while she is on her period. As you finish in a air producing position, she involuntarily Queefs, Releasing a substance closely resembling what a boxer spits into a bucket between rounds.
I had Vanessa over the other night. She had her period so I laid a towel down. But she went prizefighter on my sheets anyway.
by Thescottlorenzo September 17, 2016
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