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the emotions in which one utterly tries to hide and push off when going on the first date with someone—from one's heartbeat to the thoughts running around within one's head—something bubbly arises endlessly in one's stomach to the point that it feels as if it will burst, their heartbeat seems as if it is in a race trying to get first place beating fast and loud almost as if the person across is able to hear it, with their hands they clutch their chest where beneath lies their heart in high hopes that it will cause it to return to normal, they have waited for this day to come, they have played scenarios in their head, for they wanted this day to be special, hoping to not bore them, hoping to not overdo things as well, hoping that everything will turn out alright despite all the thoughts racing through their mind of what is going or went wrong.
Friend: How was your first date yesterday with ...?
Me: Yesterday I had felt primamorus.
by airwrecka-kun October 07, 2017
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