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Book series written by Chris P. Flesh. Real name of author unknown, unless this is his real name, and his parents were really wierd. The book is about a dead kid named Freekin, birthname Franklin. He died while living at the dorms of his school, Snickering Willows. He came back to life because he missed his worldly possessions. People act as though he is fine, though freekin thinks that they must find it hard, considering he can remove his limbs at will, and they fall off. He is in love with a girl, Lilly, and he gives her his heart... Literally.The series also stars Pretty, a monster from the afterlife that followed Freekin to the surface. She has a face only a mother could love, and Kind of thinks of Freekin as a brother. She can remove her eyeballs, which she hasseven of, and leave them all over the place. Another main character is Scary (yes, all of their names are in the title), who is a phantom, with lightning speed. He didn't fit in with the other phantoms, as he is easily scared, even of himself. He can morph into anything, and can go through walls.He doesn't speak, though all of Freekin's friends think he is cool. It had merchandise being sold at Wal*Mart, though I am not sure if it is now.
Have you ever heard of Pretty Freekin Scary?
No... What is it?
by CrimsonKnight93 November 01, 2007
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