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A high superior breed of human. There are few pretells around today, they are the most intelligent and royal family. Pretells are most commonly doctors.

It was predestined that king Pretell the 1st meet with god in the dark under world to have a great battle to decide the fate of the world. He would later meet a woman to clean and cook for him named Abigail that was to be loyal to him forever in time of peace. The pretells lived in a strict high class manner with grace in every step. Today Pretell has become a new common possible slang for 'incredibly Fucking awesome'.
Woah! That guy is so pretell
by Divine right November 27, 2013
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The greatest and most heroic of people. They are said to be the smartest and most brave, always on the alert to danger.

They love more than anyone does on this planet. Throughout legends; it was said that king Pretell himself had met god and was acknowledged and recognized to be the most supior breed in the world.

The top two doctors in Florida are none other than a long descendant of the incredible Pretell family. It was also said that a pretell would meet a normal girl he would be loyal to named Abigail, From midgar.
King pretell the 2nd had a destined encounter with the lowed and savior him self.

Pretell is an ancient family that

Continues to this day. Uncommon to find a member of this royal family.
by Destined Pretell of 1996 November 27, 2013
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