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Preston Manor is in a literal sense a shit hole.Inhabited by Danny and Lantoss its a place known to rude boysas a mugging ground.Predators from Copland pick on there young feeble Preston Manor Prey by means of hunting.It often draws comparison to something seen on discovery channel.Watching these Hunts is often educational,often leaving one picking up new language like shank,blud and jacked.
Pedophilia is rife,with adults also hunting there prey known by the species Yearus Severnus which are then harshly molested.
Copland:Yo Blud Im On Eatz Wat you got For Me?
Preston Manor Youth:Nothing
Copland:*Taps Pockets and Beats the Crap out of Nerd.

Danny:I got a Suprise Young Man,Hop in my car.
Yearus Severnus:Ok!
by DGraham September 11, 2007
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